Monday, 1 March 2010

You’ve got to roll with it - My longest run to date in Vibrams, 10 miles

There are times when you run, it might only be for the briefest of moments, but you feel like you can run forever. Indestructible. Other times each step can be torture. It’s fair to expect that when you’ve been healthy you should feel good, but accept that after a few days on the booze, eating take you’re going to struggle. But it doesn’t work like that. Now I’ve realised that you’ve just got to roll with it either way, if you feel good then push on. If not, do what you can.

Today was a good day. I’ve got no idea why. I felt good, so instead of stopping as I approached home I thought I’d carry on, go for another song on the iPod and see how I felt. Another. And another. After about 8 miles I realised my calves were tighter than a snake’s arsehole, but I had no choice but to carry on and head home.

I managed my first 10 miler in the VFFs, and my feel felt fine. I felt good everywhere apart from my calves which started to cramp up in the last mile. The next test is to see what difference the VFFs have on my speed, to test that I’ve entered a 10k in 3 weeks. Evenutally I’ll reluctantly take off the VFFs, even though I’ve become very attached to that 3mm of rubber.

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  1. We saw a few guys running around Stanley Park in Vancouver with the VFFs on, and a few who have progressed onto bare feet - looked cold and wet underfoot with plenty of pebbles and bumps but they looked surprisingly un-bothered. I thought they were hippies til I read your blog...! Harriet x