Saturday, 27 February 2010

“Sorry, did you just drop a salmon?” Barefoot running shouldn't sounds like this

After a fantastic day of doing absolutely nothing yesterday, it’s a real drag to motivate myself. My legs and feet are killing me, so I decided to just go to the gym instead. It’s not very big (see pic), and since I’m normally in there at 5am I’m used to having it to myself. But there were already 4 people in there, so I decided to pull on the VFFs and get outside.

I’m sure I looked like a 70 year old for the first few hundred yards, while concentrating on my pain. I couldn’t tell if it was “I’m stiff and this is just sore muscles” or “I’ve done some damage and you’re still making me carry on” kind of pain? And so much for being light and relaxed, each time I stepped I could hear a loud slap above the noise of my iPod. The sound was exactly the same as a large fish being dropped on to a wooden chopping board.

I’ve never been a fan of running in public. I like the anonymity of dark early mornings. And since today I felt particularly foolish I decided on a different route, and ran around the secluded end of the Marina. I found a deserted beach round the back of the local power plant and that bit of exploration took my mind from my pain and rejuvenated me for the return home. I managed a respectable 35 minutes. As always the hardest part was the first few steps.

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