Fit Tips

Fit Tip: In a group exercise class try to show no pain or emotion. It’ll really annoy the instructor who will then push you even harder, which is what you’re paying for.

Fit Tip: Keep a 3.5mm to Stereo RCA Cable in your gym bag so that if your gym is empty you can play your own ipod/mp3 through the stereo AUX setting.

Fit Tip: Complete rest days make going back to the gym even harder, do something light such as walk, jog or stretch.

Fit Tip: Don’t let time be an excuse. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing. Use the time restriction it as motivation to push as hard as you can.

Fit Tip: If you are trying to lose weight make sure you are eating enough protein.

Fit Tip: Muscle ache is a sign that the workout was a success, be pleased that your body is rebuilding itself.

Fit Tip: If you’re using a protein powder but don’t have a shaker or blender, add a teaspoon into a bottle.

Fit Tip: The earlier in the day you exercise, the less time you’ll have to come up with an excuse for not training.

Fit Tip: After a workout, eat before the sweat on your skin has dried to maximise the impact of your increased metabolism.

Fit Tip: Don’t be scared of safely lifting heavy weights! You’ll not immediately start to look like the Hulk.

Fit Tip: For big results, work the biggest muscles! Squats, deadlift, lunges and bench press will work the buttocks, back, chest and quads.

Fit Tip: Drinking freezing cold water burns more calories that drinking room temperature water.

Fit Tip: When bench pressing, firmly press your feet to the floor. You’ll be able to lift more.

Fit Tip: Buy some decent sports socks that fit well. Not the cheapo trainer socks. It’s money well spent it if helps avoid blisters.

Fit Tip: We all have off days, be it in the gym, or on a run which can’t be explained. Don’t stress, accept it and move on.

Fit Tip: Some days you feel great, can lift anything or run forever. They’re rare, go with the flow and push yourself even harder and faster.

Fit Tip: When mixing protein powder, always add the liquid to the container before the powder.

Fit Tip: Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your legs and your back in your workouts.

Fit Tip: When lifting heavy weights, you must rest sufficiently between your sets to recover, and more importantly, maintain good form.

Fit Tip: Don’t confuse training and racing. If you treat every training run like a race, you’re asking for trouble. Recovery runs are key!

Fit Tip: If you train less than 3 times per week, focus on full body sessions as these are the most efficient.

Fit Tip: If you train 5 or more times a week alternate which body parts you focus on so that you give yourself time to recover.

Fit Tip: Add variety into your workouts, look for new challenges. CrossFit WODs are perfect for this. Can you run 1k in 3 minutes? How long does it take for you to do 100 burpees? How many squats, push ups or pull ups can you do in 2 minutes? What is your top score on the bleep test?

Fit Tip: If you notice your concentration or form starting to wane, then that’s time to call it a day. Consistency is key, don’t overdo it on day 1 and then not train for the next 3, 4... days.

Fit Tip: Early morning workouts are best for fat loss. Evening workouts are best when size and strength are the objective.

Fit Tip: There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, that’s around 3-5 hours of running to burn that one single pound of fat. Don’t expect miracles after only a few sessions, great results come from consistent hard work.

Fit Tip: If you only use the same weights and the same reps scheme each time you train you’re only treading water, you’ll never make progress. Only by breaking your comfort zone can you push your body to go faster, be stronger, go for longer.

Fit Tip: Set targets in advance and then go into every session determined to beat your target. Train until failure for the best results.

Fit Tip: If you’re pacing yourself all you’re doing is maintaining your current status quo, obviously you’re very happy with your body and performance levels already.

Fit Tip: Competition brings out the best in us, try to compete, even if it is only with yourself.

Fit Tip: Don’t do the same training session on consecutive days, you need to give your muscles a chance to recover, and mixing it up keeps your mind stimulated too.

Fit Tip: Shop and cook for the week on Sunday. Hard boil 12 eggs, so that you will always have a snack in the fridge.

Fit Tip: Set aside one day a week as a cheat day and eat whatever you fancy, the spike in your calories intake actually improves your metabolism. Plus, it’s much easier being good for the other six days knowing that you only have to wait until the seventh to have whatever you fancy.

Fit Tip: When strength training, ensure that your knees, feet, spine & head are all aligned to maintain good form.

Fit Tip: Listen to your body. Learn to notice the difference between good pain (working hard) and bad pain (causing injury). Minor aches and pains can turn more severe if not tended too.

Fit Tip: Muscles can take up to five days to repair themselves after a challenging session. Injuries can be caused by overtraining.

Fit Tip: When training with weights, occasionally mix up the speed of your repetitions between sets, but keep good form throughout.

Fit Tip: If something doesn't feel right, it most likely isn't.

Fit Tip: Push your feet into the floor through your heels and keep your knees aligned over your second toe when squatting.

Fit Tip: Brush your teeth immediately after eating, it’ll signal the end of a meal and prevent you from snacking.

Fit Tip: If you don’t have access to a protein shake post-workout, grab a chocolate skimmed milk drink, packed with calcium and protein.

Fit Tip: Have a glass of water between every alcoholic drink. If like me you don’t, then at least try to have a pint or more of water before passing out with your pizza on the sofa.

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