Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Are Vibram Five Fingers finally available in Dubai?

In January 2010, to get some Vibram Five Fingers I had to order from the official Vibram European shop in Milan since there were no Middle East stockists. The Milan branch didn't deliver to the Middle East, so I had them delivered to my brother-in-law in London who brought them to Dubai when he visited. God knows what kind of logistical nightmare I'd have faced if they didn't fit right.

Someone has seen the light (or the $$$) and Vibram's are available from The Society Shop, a new store opened in Dubai Festival City.


I've not yet been to the store so I have absolutely no idea what stock they have, but for anyone who has any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I've just heard that The Society Shop are selling VFF's for AED 950 (£170), which is ridiculous. My advice would be to go there just to try them on and check what size suits you best, then order them from elsewhere.

Update (13 July 2011): http://barefootindubai.blogspot.com/2011/07/dubai-stockist-of-barefoot-shoes-vibram.html

Latest (June 2011): More stock are available from The Society Shop.

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  1. Hi Paul
    Merry christmas.
    Thanks for blogging about this; I was stopping over in Dubai for a couple of days and trying to get hold of a pair of VFFs. Sucks that they cost a lot more here than in other parts of the world.
    Enjoyed your posts on the Bab-al-Sham wellness retreat, VFFs on the golf course and dont know how you can listen to the Beatles while running!

  2. Thanks for the info about VFF's in Dubai. We will be stopping over for a couple of days. It was my intention to invest in a 2nd pair of VFF's while over there. But definitely not at those prices.

    Scruffy Muttsy

  3. Way too expensive; I believe it's like US$ 75 for a pair in US. Anyway i'm currently using a Puma K-Street pair that I picked up from Dubai Outlet Mall. Its a really minimal shoe, and one recommended by Pose Method runners. It really has improved my technique and ability to go the distance.

  4. Hi Cyril, I totally agree! It's how you run, not necessarily what you run in that's most important, and there's tons of excellent minimal shoes coming on to the market. I'll check out these Puma's.
    Thanks for your feeback!

  5. Hey Everyone, the VFF will be available for alot cheaper on www.bonavenue.com probably mid of november. i know this for a fact beacuse i supply some sport goods to them and those were one of their plans. the site is underconstruction now but will be operating by the 1st of nov.