Thursday, 4 March 2010

Magnetic pull - 45 miles and counting in Vibrams

I should have known after running quite well for a couple of weeks that I was due a stinker. I set off determined to run for an hour and maybe I put too much pressure on myself. It was early, quiet and the weather was perfect for running, but I felt like I was giving someone a piggyback. Stupidly I tried to do 2 laps of the Marina, but as I finished the first lap the magnetic pull of home was too strong for me to carry on.

In total I’ve run around 45 miles in the VFFs and it has reinvigorated my whole attitude towards running. I’m even starting to think that a marathon might not be too far away. My calf pain is constant, and I still haven’t worked out how to run downhill properly. Nor can I yet consider running on consecutive days. But it’s only been a few weeks, and despite the claims of magazines, I fully believe that if you want to make a fundamental change, be it to body shape or running style, it takes years not months. And this is just the beginning.

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