Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No pain, no gain… errr right? Too much barefoot running too soon?

It’s been a tough few weeks since I started in the VFFs. Previously unused muscles have been crying, but I’ve tried to brush these aside as being teething problems while I adapt to this new style. Now I’ve got a pain in my left foot that just won’t go away. I’d been feeling this pain all weekend. Each time I move the toes of my left foot either up or down it feel like I’m being stabbed right through the centre of my foot. But even though it hurts I can wiggle my toes, so I don’t think there’s anything broken. As I set off yesterday morning, it was painful each time I stepped on my left foot, but thought I’d be fine once I warmed up. Not that the pain went away, but a whole bunch of other pains popped up to dilute the pain in my left foot and take my mind off it.

Today was the same. I hobbled out of bed like a 90 year old and successfully talked myself into venturing outside for a jog. Happily this was the first time I’ve run in the VFFs on consecutive days, but it was a struggle. What made it worse was the nagging voice in my head telling me, just like Mr You-Don't-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That from the Harry Enfield show, “you’ve done too much too soon, you should have been more patient, who do you think you are running 20 miles a week after only a couple of weeks, and when are you gonna get a haircut?” Really annoying, especially since I know there’s a grain of truth to these concerns.

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  1. Awesome stuff Paul! Think I'll be sticking to my trainers whilst I'm in London! Keep getting the blog down Mel