Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Local Experts – Founder of Regime Fitness Dubai, Adam Fox-McGregor

Regime Fitness Dubai ( run an amazing 3 hour long drop-in circuit class in Dubai Marina, meaning you can turn up and train when it’s most convenient to you. Brilliant! A full-on strength and cardio workout, in Dubai Marina (next to the Yacht Club) and a free breakfast to boot. Not only that, but there’s a weekly running club too. Adam Fox-McGregor, founder and trainer, has kindly agreed to answer our questions.

FiD: What does your weekly training regime look like?
AF-M: I like to hit the gym at least three times a week, lifting relatively heavy weights. I don’t like bodybuilding splits, I prefer to do full body routines. I’m a big fan of Eric Cressey and Robert Dos Remedios and I like to change my routines regularly. I love swimming and try to do so a few times a week, all be it only for brief 20 minute sessions. I prefer to run late at night when I'm finished for the day, because I’m up for work at 5.30am and I don’t want to run any earlier than that!

FiD: What are the staples in your diet and supplementary intake?
AF-M: I eat a lot of chicken, fish and greens, and supplement my diet with Maximuscle supplements, mostly Promax.

FiD: How do you keep yourself motivated?
AF-M: I really enjoy entering events, either as part of a team with our Regime Fitness trainers (FiD: Adam and the team completed the Wadi Bih Run 2011), with clients or individually. In Dubai we’re really spoilt with the amount of great events that are held in amazing locations.

FiD: What’s the worst fitness/sporting mistake you’ve made, and what did you learn from it?
AF-M: I've done half marathons with mates back in the UK off the cuff with no specific training. It’s not much fun during the race plus you can’t walk for a week after it! What did I learn? If I’m going to put myself forward for something – train for it!

FiD: What fitness/sporting achievement are you most proud of?
AF-M: Setting up Regime Fitness is without a doubt the achievement that I am most proud of. There’s no price on being your own boss and being able to develop and adapt the perfect circuit routines based on the expertise myself and my partner Dan have collectively is very cool. The feedback we’ve been given as well as seeing amazing results within our regulars makes me extremely proud.

FiD: What can someone expect from a session at Regime Fitness?
AF-M: You can turn up at a time that suits you and do your session. It’s a 45 minute hardcore circuit training session that’s suitable for people of all abilities. We change our exercises regularly, there’s great music and we’ve some very cool kit so there’s no opportunity to get bored. The beauty of it and what makes it so popular is the flexibility. Plus, the backdrop is the phenomenal Dubai Marina Yacht Club, looking out over the yachts in the Marina. At the moment we hold circuit classes four times a week and two bootcamps. From September onwards, due to increased demand we’re adding a whole host of new classes, like yoga and zumba.

FiD: What’s the best piece of fitness/sporting advice you’ve been given?
AF-M: I'm a big fan of Lance Armstrong; his books are full of fantastic motivational quotes. "Pain is temporary, quitting last forever" is one of my favourites.

FiD: Huge thanks Adam! Really looking forward to checking out the new classes, and training outside again once the mercury drops a little more!

For more information or a free Regime trial session call 055 919 7052 or find them on Facebook, RegimeFitnessDubai (

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