Tuesday, 23 February 2010

SupercalfpainhurtslikehellandIfeelatrocious - Adjusting to barefoot

It takes at least two days before I can even consider going for my next jog. The pain on the first day after my last run was a dull throb in my calves, the second day was worse, even walking was difficult. Since that run I’ve also starting to experience some odd pains in my feet. On the outside of my soles it feels as though a previously dormant muscle is being used for the first time.

Today’s jog took my usual route around the Marina, but it was too early and therefore too dark to go along JBR beach, so I had to endure the cobblestones of ‘the Walk’ again. These bastard things are evenly spaced, and with my usual stride pattern I land on every other row. Twats! I can either use a shorter stride and slow down or increase my stride and run a bit quicker to avoid hitting them where it hurts. Neither option is great.

I’m listening ever more closely to my body. I’m constantly thinking about my running action and trying to concentrate on being upright, light and relaxed. Being more engaged in what you’re doing makes the time fly. Today I was feeling OK so I decided to push it for the last mile. It felt great; like childlike fun.

Just before I got home I crossed a tiny strip of grass. God, it felt good on my feet after five miles of paving slabs. Or it did until I noticed the idle taxi driver watching me after I’d started singing, “It’s good to touch, the green, green grass of home!”. It's such a shame the nearest park is 10 miles away.

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