Sunday, 22 January 2017

What I’ve learned from running everyday for 365 days

  • It doesn’t get any easier. 5 miles is still 5 miles.
  • There’s no such thing as an easy run. There’s fast ones and slow ones, short ones and long ones. Sometimes the slow ones can be more difficult and require more concentration.
  • Every days counts so I don’t use collective nouns to think about the duration of my streak, to me each integer is hard earned and should be respected.
  • I’ve re-learned the 7 times table. What’s 7x37, anyone?
  • During the last 200 metres of my run each day I force myself to smile (which must look weird to passers-by). I remind myself that there will be a day when I won’t be able to do what I’m doing today and to be grateful for the feeling of accomplishment.
  • I like to have three pairs of trainers on rotation.
  • Very occasionally I’ll have a magical running day where despite diet, drinks or a hangover, I feel like I can run forever.
  • Much more frequently, in spite of great sleep and a sensible diet, my legs feel like tree trunks.
  • There’s always pain somewhere, but it’s very much self-inflicted so I try not to talk about it. It’s boring and no one is remotely sympathetic or interested.
  • I’ve stopped wearing a watch or heart rate monitor. I don’t want to know if I’m faster or slower.
  • Sooner the better works best. Leaving my run until later in the day just means that it’s always on my mind until I pull my trainers on.
  • I don’t make enough time for stretching.
  • Don’t start a running streak to lose weight. You won’t. Do it because you enjoy it.
  • I love running and I love food. Running every day means more of both which is mint, but if I wanted to lose weight I’d run less and eat less, but I wouldn’t be as happy.
  • The law of averages tells you that there’s going to come a day when you need a bathroom break mid-run. Deal with it and move on. Sacrifice your socks.
  • More often than not I run the same route at the same time and see the same people. There were two security guards I said hello to most mornings for about six months.
  • I get a glimpse of old age every day in the first 200 metres of my run.
  • My favourite time to run is 6.30am, its dark when I start and light when I finish.
  • Running towards a rising sun is superb.
  • There’s no ocean deep enough to drop dog walkers who let their dog run free off their leads in public spaces.
  • I always carry emergency money. I take a AED 100 note and a AED 5 note in a plastic wallet that came free with my London Underground Oyster card.
No. of days in my streak so far = 365
Total distance = 2,976 km
Average per run = 8.15 km


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