Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Protein shakes – is there any point?

I added protein shakes to my diet back in October (see ‘Long whey to go Four months later after at least twice daily shakes, have I noticed any difference at all? Er, no. Will I stop taking them? Er, no.

Like I say, I’ve been having a protein shake with milk straight after every workout, which is usually first thing every morning. I’ll have another either in the afternoon, sometimes mixed with yoghurt, or maybe a shake with milk after work. That means I’ve been packing at least an extra 60g, probably closer to 100g of  protein per day into my diet. I’m 11 stone (154 lbs), so according to the research I need 154g of protein to gain muscle, which is the equivalent to around 6 chicken breasts or 24 eggs per day. I’m certainly no expert, and nutrition (aka beer and takeaways) is where I’ve shot myself in the foot over the years, but surely my diet without the supplements includes 50-60g of protein... I hope.

So, what’s the point?

Well, I’m around the same weight I was back in October. (My weight seems to fluctuate by around 5-7 lbs but I think this is normal, please tell me if not.) I haven’t noticed any remarkable change in my energy levels, recovery rates or muscle tone. I should have had a fat % test back in October and another now, but is that what training is all about, waiting to see an electronic reading to see if the needle has moved in the right direction?

So why continue I hear you ask? They taste good. The Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Chocolate is really nice. It’s great for satisfying those all too frequent urges I get for chocolate, ice cream and other naughty treats. And who knows, maybe I’m trying to judge too soon.

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