Monday, 1 November 2010

Wise men say. Sunderland result inspires my longest run for 8 months

I’m a Sunderland fan. Too much so according to my wife, but it’s how I was brought up. As a young lad there’s nothing I loved more than going to the match with my Dad, Brother and friends and the result dictated my mood until the next match. So to any of you who follow the results in the English Premier League, you’ll know that Sunderland took a hammering yesterday. Even worse, it came at the hands of our nearest and most bitter rivals.

To clear my head after the game I went for a run. I was so numb from the result that the running was easy. Instead of stopping after my 30 minute loop, I carried on and did it again. There’s a rare feeling that you occasionally get while running, it’s not quite invisibility, but more a feeling that you could carry on running forever. Just like Forrrest, Forrest Gump. I had that last night, and I was tempted to run a 3rd lap, but it was 10pm, I could feel blisters on both feet, and it felt as though someone had chopped my nipple off.

Still gutted about the result, at least I was happy with a solid hour (around 9 miles). It’s the furthest I’ve run since I broke my sesamoid and metatarsal back in March.

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  1. BiD is like a london bus, you wait weeks for one and then 3 come all at once! good to see you running again.

  2. GG, I need to keep happy my one fan happy. What's you thoughts on me inviting the wife to do a guest post about her half marathon training?