Saturday, 9 October 2010

Barefoot in Dubai's tips for motivation

It’s still hot. So what? My foot has been fine for a while, and the excuses for not getting back to my running have run dry.
My top tips for getting motivated are:
  • New toys – could be trainers, or an ipod, Nike+, a heart rate monitor, even just a new outfit.
  • Enter a race – motivation based on a mix of challenge and fear.
  • Arrange a run with someone else, or commit to a running club.
  • Instead of aimlessly setting off on a jog, prepare your running session in advance and decide what you want to do, write down planned distance, number of reps, recovery time and stick to it.
  • Watch a Rocky training montage.

With this in mind I’ve entered the Dubai 10k ( on 21st January, and the RAK Half Marathon ( on 18th February. I’m really excited since I’ll be running both of these with my wife. She’s never competed in a race, and is getting back to running after a 7 month absence. For both of us the aim is just to finish, and enjoy it.

My plan is to run with trainers during the week, but to run in my VFF’s when I run with my wife on a weekend. Hopefully this will allow my feet to strengthen gradually, and I won’t make the same mistake of doing too much too soon.

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  1. Hey dude, something i came across today and thought might help you. I am recovering from my injury (knee / calf) as well - honestly visited 3 doctors with all giving different opinions. So just resting it out.

    I am planning to start this programme to build up running barefoot. hope it helps.

  2. I hate that there's so many conflicting opinions.
    This article is excellent, I wish I'd read it months ago!
    Good luck Preet!