Saturday, 13 February 2010

VFF (Vibram FiveFingers) arrival

So I’ve got my new shoes on (cue Paolo Nutini). I’d ordered the KSOs (see ‘About VibramFiveFingers’ page above for more details on the Vibram FiveFingers range) – and thankfully they’re a great fit. Since Vibram FiveFingers are designed to fit each individual toe it’s very important that you measure your feet properly. Place a ruler or tape measure on the floor with one end against a wall, and then stand on it, making sure your heel is pressed against the wall. I’m usually a GB size 8, and when I measured my feet they were slightly over 10 inches long and my second toe is slightly longer than my big toe. Using the guide on the Vibram website ( I was recommended to buy a size 40. It worked, though I would like to try on a 41 just to be doubly sure. When you mail-order something from thousands of miles away you want to be sure to get the right size first time.

Putting them on the first time took a couple of goes, but once on they feel great. For all the jokes, monkey feet and all that, to me they feel more like Spiderman shoes, since the grip and feel are unlike anything else. And they'd be great for burglars as you can walk silently. I wore them all day just to walk about. I hate flip flops or anything between my toes so they take a bit of getting used to. First thing you notice is that you feel absolutely everything, every paving slab join, any crack, especially any stone. Those little bastards hurt. But my feet felt great, and I didn’t really want to take them off when we went out for dinner. My wife is incredible and puts up with all of my shite, but there always comes a point.

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  1. they look like Goal Keeper gloves !!

    M. Auton

  2. I only ever used my feet if I had to play in goal.